Official Trailer for Barista Comedy ‘Coffee Wars’ Starring Kate Nash

Official Trailer for Barista Comedy ‘Coffee Wars’ Starring Kate Nash

by Alex Billington
March 2, 2023
Source: YouTube

Coffee Wars Trailer

“This year we need a drink that wins it all!” How about just a nice espresso? An official trailer has debuted for an indie comedy called Coffee Wars, just a movie about baristas battling it out at a coffee competition. This hasn’t premiered at any film festivals, as far as we know, and it will be out to watch in March on VOD. Coffee aficionado Jo is doing her best to keep her plant-based, independent, coffee shop afloat alongside her band of misfit employees. In a last-ditch effort to save her business, Jo and her team embark to battle it out as the underdogs competing in the World Barista Championship in order to finally have a chance to prove herself in the dairy-dominated world of coffee. The film stars Kate Nash as Jo, Toby Sebastian, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Owain Arthur, Maria Conchita Alonso, Jordan Stephens, Maya Savin Miller, Jenny Rainsford, and Freddie Fox. This is a British production that shot in London and in Colombia at coffee plantations, as well as in studios in Serbia. This looks cute and harmless, just some simple coffee fun.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Randall Miller’s Coffee Wars, direct from YouTube:

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Coffee Wars Poster

Coffee aficionado Jo (Kate Nash) is doing her best to stay afloat running her own coffee shop alongside a band of unpredictable colleagues, but nothing seems to be going her way. She can make a latte better than anyone, but her customers have trouble getting past one thing: her coffee shop is vegan. Drowning in debt and with everything on the line, Jo and her team of misfits gear up as the underdogs for the World Barista Championships, where she’ll face her “full fat full cream” archrival Rudy. Jo will finally have a chance to prove herself in the dairy-dominated world of coffee, and, most importantly, win the big cash prize. Coffee Wars, formerly known as Higher Grounds while in production, is directed by the American indie filmmaker Randall Miller, director of the movies Class Act, Houseguest, The Sixth Man, Nobel Son, Bottle Shock, and CBGB previously. The screenplay is written by Randall Miller and David Rollins. The coffee comedy film will be releasing direct-to-VOD in March 2023. For more info, visit the film’s official site. Who’s into this?

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