‘Willow’ Finale Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 — Crone Fight, Season 2 Mystery

Disney+’s Willow wrapped its first season with some major “deaths,” lots of mind games, and a climactic confrontation that probably pumped you up for a (potential!) second season.

The season finale, “Children of the Wyrm,” gets right to it: While Kit and Elora, having reached the Immemorial City, deal with a changed Airk, Willow, Jade, Boorman and Graydon stand, shocked, at the edge of the Shattered Sea. Jade proclaims her love for Kit and with Graydon right behind her, leaps into the void. Willow and Boorman, now the only two left behind, share a brief moment of vulnerability before Boorman follows Jade and Graydon over the edge. But Willow, looking conflicted, doesn’t follow.

The Crone’s magic has made Airk glassy-eyed, clean-cut and compliant, a smoldering servant of an entity she repeatedly calls “the Wyrm.” Kit and Elora attempt to reason with Airk, who responds with a counteroffer: Talk to the Crone, just for a bit, and then they can all go home.

Airk takes them to Lili, who, of course, is the Crone in disguise. Lili emerges from a doorway of flame (more like a fiery crack in old rock) and tells them to join the Wyrm and usher in a new era.

As they head into the Immemorial City, Jade, Graydon and Boorman notice an angry-looking storm approaching the city. They eventually find the sealed door separating them from Kit, Elora, and Airk, but the storm overtakes them and turns them to stone.

Elora and Kit pass through the burning doorway and find themselves trapped in an illusion. Sorsha is there, as is Airk. While Kit speaks with Sorsha, Elora spends time with Airk, for whom she no longer has feelings.

Willow Recap Finale

The Crone is speaking to both of them through people who matter to them, people with whom they have unfinished business. Elora sits with Airk beneath a great tree and confesses to him that magic doesn’t come to her easily. He offers her a cup brimming with opaque Wyrm milk and for a moment it seems as if she’s going to drink it. But Kit, seconds away from sipping that same sweet, soul-corrupting nectar, hears a voice: It’s her father, Madmartigan, calling to her from realms unknown. He tells her he’s proud of her, and that she is better than he ever was.

Kit rushes to where she thought Elora was and finds the Crone instead. After a brief exchange, Kit turns to stone. Meanwhile, Elora’s forest picnic with Airk has transformed into a wedding ceremony. But before the nuptials can get going, she suddenly refuses to bend to the Wyrm’s will, which infuriates the Crone, who then prepares to kill Elora.

Willow, armed with his staff and incredible timing, arrives and shatters the illusion, kickstarting a fierce battle. Kit, Jade, Graydon, and Boorman are all returned to normal, allowing the latter three to join the fray. The Crone, now in her true form, attacks Elora while Kit, Willow, and the others fight the Gales. Graydon breaks away from the fight to confront the Crone, but despite a valiant attempt, he cannot beat her. The Crone commends his conviction before blasting him into that burning doorway. Elora, enraged, launch a relentless magical assault against the Crone. At first, the two seem evenly matched. But the Crone is a powerful sorceress, and Elora needs some last-minute coaching from Willow to get the job done.

Kit and Jade team up to fight Airk, but the guy is skilled with a blade and nearly bests them both. It’s lucky, then, that Elora finally blasts a hole through the Crone and forces Airk to rush to the dying witch’s side. The Crone, whom Airk still sees as Lili, tells him he is the harbinger of the Wyrm before kissing him and dying. Kit, now protected/empowered by the Kymerian cuirass obtained two episodes ago, fights and defeats an infected Airk. She tearfully uses the green stone from Willow’s staff — along with shared childhood memories — to heal him.

The final moments of the season finale set up quite a bit. With the bad guys beaten (for now) and the quest to save Airk completed, Elora and the others head home. But it’s the last scene with Graydon, who kind of survived(?), that really poses the biggest mystery: Where is he, and why is an illusion of Elora telling him to join her? The answer probably isn’t great….

What did you think of Willow Season 1, and are you clamoring for more?

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