‘Quantum Leap’ Season 1: All Questions ‘Will Be Answered,’ Says Star

Quantum Leap fans won’t be left in the dark for much longer.

Raymond Lee, who plays Ben, assures that answers to the many questions raised in Season 1 – including exactly what threat to Addison’s life compelled him to make the unauthorized leap – are coming.

“There are a lot of questions that we pose, and they will all be answered by the end of Season 1,” he told TVLine during the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. “We’re not going to leave anyone hanging. There will be answers, for sure.”

Monday’s episode added a new layer to the overarching mystery of Ben’s leap with Janice’s warning that Ben should keep any new details he remembers to himself. There’s also the question of Leaper X, who first appeared in the 1879 timeline, and whether Ben is now being targeted by Evil Leapers.

In the original show, Evil Leapers were part of a secret, corrupt organization working in direct opposition of the Quantum Leap project.

“The possibility of folks being able to enter the quantum accelerator and even make their own accelerator opens up a whole other universe of people to pinpoint Ben’s location and thwart the course of history that Ben is trying to change,” Lee shared. “Is he an Evil Leaper? We don’t know. Maybe he’s there for the purposes of the greater good because perhaps what Ben and Addison have gotten into isn’t.”

With the show already renewed for Season 2, Lee also noted that the new season is “going to be a brand-new arena that we’re going to be playing in.”

Are you relieved that answers are coming in Quantum Leap Season 1? Let us know your thoughts and predictions below. 

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