‘One of Us Is Lying’ Cancelled at Peacock — No Season 3

Simon says: Game over. Peacock has cancelled the teen mystery drama One of Us Is Lying after two seasons, according to our sister site Deadline.

Peacock has cancelled Vampire Academy as well after one season. Per Deadline, executives at the streamer “were happy with both shows creatively, but they just didn’t find the requisite audience to justify further seasons.”

Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying debuted with all eight episodes on Oct. 20 and wrapped up with several twists: After discovering that Fiona knew Jake from rehab and that she was Simon Says, Murder Club came up with a plan to frame her for Jake’s murder. But Maeve didn’t think their scheme would work, so she secretly went dark side and teamed up with Fiona to get the video of Murder Club with Jake’s body, which angered both Janae and Bronwyn.

After being apprehended by the police, Fiona suggested to Cole in jail that maybe Simon knew the secret that landed Jake in rehab, and that’s why Jake killed him. Cole was surprised that Fiona also knew the secret, and just moments later, she drank some water in her cell and started gasping for air.

Meanwhile, Murder Club was feeling like they’d finally put all the death and torment behind them. But a flash-forward to graduation day revealed yet another bloody crime scene at school, with the “Stay” necklace Nate had gifted Bronwyn labeled as evidence.

For scoop on what the cliffhanger means for Bronwyn and her relationship with Nate, plus the finale’s other twists, check out TVLine’s post mortem Q&As with showrunner Erica Saleh and star Marianly Tejada.

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