Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone in Season 5? May Not Be a Bad Thing

After the news broke Monday that Paramount Network was allegedly considering putting Yellowstone out to pasture because Kevin Costner wanted to work only a week on Season 5’s last eight episodes, two things happened in quick succession: 1. My jaw hit the floor. 2. I got kind of excited.

It’s not that I’m itching to see Costner ride off into the sunset. There just seems to be a lot of potential to a story in which a grave is dug for Dutton family patriarch John, from whom every other character wants approval or to whom they want to give hell. (Sometimes both.)

Think about it. If John is removed from the equation, Beth is freed; no longer does she have to revolve her entire life around her father and his wants. Kayce could move his family far away from the land on which they’ve been so traumatized — or take over the ranch and run it his own way. And can you imagine what would become of Jamie if for once he was able to take a step that wasn’t in the shadow of the adoptive dad who hates him?

Our sister site Deadline reports that, if Paramount Network does take this version of Yellowstone to the train station, it is considering having the show go on in a new form, possibly starring Matthew McConaghey. Personally, I don’t see the necessity for a new iteration if Costner exits stage left. Bring in McConaughey or some other A-lister — that’s fine — but let’s watch the character try to make him- or herself at home on the range on the current Yellowstone. Same show, different actor in center stage.

Nobody’s tuning in for Costner at this point, anyway. When Yellowstone launched, the 2023 Golden Globe winner was the “name” that put viewers on their couches. Now, though, it’s Kelly Reilly’s exploits as Beth that get us buzzing at the water cooler (or in the office Slack channel, as the case may be). Everybody’s interested in what happens next to John, but they’re invested in what happens next to Beth, Rip, Kayce, even Jimmy.

What’s your take? Is there a way in your mind that a potential Costner exit could actually help rather than hurt Yellowstone?

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