David Tennant is Back in 60th Anniversary Trailer (VIDEO)

Doctor Who gave fans a surprise gift on Christmas Day in the form of a brand new trailer for the show’s upcoming 60th Anniversary specials, which are set to air in November 2023.

“We wanted to give fans, friends and families a lovely little Christmas present – with a promise that 2023 will be a riot of Doctor Who goodness!” said executive producer Russell T. Davies (It’s A Sin), who is returning to the hit sci-fi series as showrunner.

Also returning is David Tennant, who previously played the Tenth Doctor and is seemingly back as the Fourteenth Doctor. Fans saw the Good Omens star at the end of the Season 13 finale when Jodie Whittaker‘s Thirteenth Doctor regenerated into the familiar face.

The new teaser sees Tennant’s Doctor coming to grips with this unusual occurrence, as it’s the first time a Doctor has ever reverted back to a previous identity. “I don’t know who I am anymore,” Tennant says in the clip as we see him meet with old friends and new ones, as well as battle dangerous new enemies.

Catherine Tate (The Office) is back as Donna Noble, the Tenth Doctor’s former companion who had her memory wiped at the end of her run. “Sometimes I think there’s something missing, like I had something lovely, and it’s gone,” Donna tells her mother, Sylvia (Jacqueline King), in the teaser before the Doctor warns, “If she ever remembers me, she will die.”

We also get a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris‘ (It’s A Sin) villain, The Celestial Toymaker, who was previously portrayed by Michael Gough in Doctor Who‘s third series back in 1966. “The show is just beginning,” he warns as he sets loose a bunch of freaky monsters on London.

The trailer also introduces Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) as Rose and Ruth Madeley (Years and Years) as Shirley Anne Bingham. Karl Collins (The Larkins) also returns as Donna’s husband, Shaun.

In the final moments of the teaser, we see a brief scene of Ncuti Gatwa‘s (Sex Education) Fifteenth Doctor. “Someone tell me what the hell is going on here!” he yells.

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