Best TV Characters Who Were Late Cast Additions: Seinfeld, The Office

Some of our favorite TV characters weren’t even on their shows when they first debuted.

Sure, it’s nice when a show hits upon the perfect cast combination right away — we’re looking at you, Friends — but most shows need to retool a bit in later seasons, either to replace a departing cast member or just to bring in some new blood. Not all of the cast additions work, of course; many shows have fallen victim to the dreaded Cousin Oliver Syndrome, adding an ill-conceived character that ends up sinking the whole series. But in a few fortunate cases, a late addition can actually improve a show, to the point where we can’t picture the cast without them.

We here at TVLine looked through the TV history books and picked out more than 30 characters who weren’t on their show’s first seasons, but still ended up making an indelible impression on that show’s legacy. We’ve got game changers from all-time great comedies (Seinfeld, The Office, Sex and the City) and dramas (Lost, Breaking Bad, ER) who may have arrived late, but definitely livened up the party when they did.

Read on to see which late cast additions made our list, and then hit the comments below to add your own favorites.

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