3 Reasons to Binge Season 4 on Netflix

Penn Badgley’s sociopathic killer Joe Goldberg is back for Season 4 of the thriller, You, but this time the homicidal book lover should be watching his own back. Here’s why:

London Calling

Having fled the U.S. in Season 3 after offing equally murderous wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), Joe is posing as a U.K. professor named Jonathan Moore. And he likes teaching!

Penn Badgley in 'You' Season 4

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

The Brit-Stirrers

What he doesn’t love are some new acquaintances: a hedonistic colleague (Stephen Hagan), an icy art gallery director (Charlotte Ritchie), and the owner of a private club (Lukas Gage) where they all party. Until…

Predator Becomes Prey

By the end of the first episode, someone is dead and a maniac is dead set on terrorizing Joe. Could anyone other than an old unrequited crush (Tati Gabrielle) know who Joe really is?

You, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, February 9, Netflix

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