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What The Over-The-Top Kardashian Christmas Party Was Like

Christmas is a big deal for the Kardashians, and they do it up real big each and every year.

For example, this year Kourtney turned her backyard in California (!!!) into a Winter wonderland.

Every year, they throw a really, really extravagant party.

The Kardashian’s Annual Christmas Eve Party is back! ♥️ Looks like Kendall is wearing a red outfit tonight. We hope to see pictures of her soon.

@kimkardashian/ Twitter: @kendallupdater

And this year was no exception!

The theme for this one was red*.

Let’s take a look inside!

It was basically one of those scammy Instagram photo places, kind of like the Museum of Ice Cream.

They had a gingerbread house station.

There was a make your own nutcracker table.

They had their own Sees Candies cart.

And my absolute favorite part was the red ball pit.

I’m 30-something and I’m jealous.

When you entered, you were faced with an army of servers with drinks.

There was a random carousel horse.

And here’s an example of the mush* they ate:

The ceiling had this really elaborate floral display.

And there were dozens of red trees scattered about.

Everyone loves a red tree!

They also put Sia in a box and made her perform*.

Lastly, there were champagne and hot dogs.

So, yeah, that’s how the 1% lives!

Red trees, Sees Candies carts, and Sia in a box.

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