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Rihanna Shared Why She Decided To Headline Super Bowl

“Representing the urban community, globally. It is powerful. It sends a really strong message,” Rihanna told British Vogue. “Two Super Bowls back-to-back.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t still have her issues with the NFL. “There’s still a lot of mending to be done in my eyes,” Rihanna said. “But it’s powerful to break those doors, and have representation at such a high, high level and a consistent level.”

Another major motivator was Rihanna’s 9-month-old son, whose name she and A$AP Rocky have not shared publicly. Becoming a mother last year made her realize that “nothing is impossible.”

“It’s this knowing that you can do anything,” she told the magazine. “Even things that seem the craziest, like, ‘I’m going to say yes to the Super Bowl in the middle of postpartum?’”

But that wasn’t the biggest surprise. Rihanna eventually learned that she’d be headlining while pregnant with her second child. As anyone who watched the Super Bowl knows by now, Rihanna unveiled a baby bump during the big show. Representatives for the singer later confirmed that she is pregnant. 

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