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Noah Schnapp Comes Out As Gay

One of the biggest pop culture stories of last year was whether or not Noah Schnapp’s Stranger Things character, Will, was gay or not. While it was heavily hinted at throughout Season 4, we never got a real answer and we were left with a rather ambiguous confirmation in the season finale.

After the season ended, Noah confirmed that indeed his character was gay and that he was in love with Mike (as viewers suspected).

Well, as Noah himself noted in his caption, he is indeed a lot like his character Will — he publicly came out as gay on TikTok earlier today!!!

In the TikTok, Noah is seen lip-synching along to princessazula0’s TikTok of her saying “You know what it never was? That serious. Quite frankly, it’ll never be that serious.”

Noah also posted a heartwarming message about how supportive his family and friends have been since he told them, even joking that they knew all along.

And now Noah is also getting lots of love and support from people online who are just really happy for him.

????️‍???? welcome to the family, @noah_schnapp. the stranger things star just came out as gay on tiktok

Twitter: @BAHjournalist

I think I can safely say we’re all happy for Noah too! Congrats on coming out and helping other young queer kids feel seen!!! ????️‍????

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