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Is This What Jennifer Lopez REALLY Said To Ben Affleck During Tense Grammys Moment?!

We’re listening!

For the last few days, fans have been trying to figure out what went wrong between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck during Sunday night’s Grammys. Not only did the actor look miserable AF throughout the entire night, but the lovebirds were caught bickering onscreen before spotting that the camera was on them! Take a look:


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Well, it’s time to settle the debate. got in touch with a lip reader on Tuesday to finally clear the air about what was really being discussed between the husband and wife during the tense moment, and here’s what they had to say! According to the professional, J.Lo told her man:

“Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.”

Ben then replied:

“I might.”


See the conversation go down with the captions (below)!

Perhaps we can see the “look more friendly” bit, but it doesn’t really make sense for Ben to “look motivated” given the context. He was simply a guest at the show — with nothing at stake for him or Jenny from the Block. “Motivated” seems like the wrong word — to us, at least! Yeah, we’re not convinced these subtitles are on the money… But she definitely is annoyed with him about something! Maybe something he said?

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We’re no experts, but it sure looks like Ben kicked off the whole argument by whispering something in Jen’s ear. Maybe something NSFW?! LOLz! Whatever he said clearly didn’t go over well. The Shotgun Wedding lead pretty clearly tells him to stop — even hitting him in the chest to prove her point. Could she be telling him to behave? He adjusts his seat pretty quickly and seems to say “I am.” At least that’s what we see!

Plenty of fans had some other guesses — because not everyone was very convinced by the lip reader’s analysis! A few turned to the fact Ben has been working on his sobriety in the last few years, making a big party like the Grammys a tough place to be. They suspected:

“Looks like she mouthed ‘Don’t drink’”

“Another lip reader said that she said no drinking you promised and then he said just one”

Others mused:

“Any married man can tell you what is happening in this conversation. Him: Do we really have to go to the after party? Her: Stop it! We do. We won’t stay long.”

“Looks like he said relax”

“She said, quiet or quit then she said, don’t you dare.”

Another person had a pretty good theory:

“She said ‘sit up straight’ and he said ‘camera.’”

J.Lo does immediately turn and gives the camera a death glare right after Ben mumbles something. So maybe she didn’t realize the show had started again or that they were in the frame?! And he was warning her with a simple, “Camera”? Seems likely!! The Let’s Get Loud artist does like to maintain a certain image…

As Ben’s reactions at the Grammys were becoming a viral sensation, Jennifer took to Instagram on Monday with a montage video of her time at the award show — seemingly to change the narrative! Alongside videos and photos of the (happy?) couple, she wrote:

“Always the best time with my love, my husband”

But, of course, not everyone is buying that either!

We just need Bennifer to open up about the heated conversation now! That’s the only thing that will stop the drama! What do you think they were saying? Does the lip reader’s theory make sense to you? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/ExtraTV/YouTube]

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