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Beyoncé Club Renaissance Los Angeles Videos

Beyoncé had fans in a frenzy this week after a random email went out announcing her “Club Renaissance.”

Of course, tickets sold out instantly because, Beyoncé.

But the lucky people came through for us with pics and vids!

Presented by Amazon Music and Parkwood Entertainment, it was a two-night event held in LA this weekend in honor of her Renaissance album that came out this summer.

Guests — who included Lori Harvey, Lucky Daye, and Syd, per the Hollywood Reporter — showed up in ’70s looks to match the album’s retro vibe.

At the entrance, there were posters everywhere featuring one of the photos used to promote Renaissance. It led to a long corridor lined with neon lights that then seemed to open into the event room, where there were strobe lights, party fog, and a huge display of the holographic horse from the cover art.

Twitter: @beyalivehector on TikTok

All night, guests reportedly got to listen to Renaissance in spatial audio while sipping drinks named after songs like “Alien Superstar” and “Cuff It.”

Twitter: @B7Album

Beyoncé didn’t appear to be in attendance, but she did leave a message for fans talking about the recording process and the inspiration behind the album.

Twitter: @kingbeyshive

It’s unclear if there are any plans for additional pop-ups, but I’m just gonna leave this here in case Bey sees:

LA wasn’t looking as turnt as they should be. Beyonce needs to take this party to Atlanta lol #ClubRenaissance

Twitter: @relientkenny

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