Shaun Roberts, former promoter of Fabric, has died

Shaun Roberts, the former promoter of London nightclub Fabric, has died.

He passed away on Christmas Eve after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2019.

Fabric confirmed the news in a tribute posted to their social media. “As a team and a family we are devastated at your loss,” they wrote.

Roberts worked for the nightclub for 16 and a half years. He started out by helping to promote the venue’s launch in 1999 before taking on other roles in the wider team, later becoming a promoter. He was renowned for the help he gave unknown DJs by booking them to appear at Fabric.

“You were the dearest friend to us, a cherished fabric family member, professional raver, passionate music lover, full of strength, determination and so much more,” continued the post by Fabric. “We love you very much and you will always be a source of inspiration.

“You paved the way for so many artists that are now at the top of their game and helped shape fabric into the club it is today. We are all so grateful. We will miss your humour, your banter, your rants, your anarchy, your cheeky smile and everything amazing that made you, you,” the post said.

“Forever with us – there will always be a space for you on the Fabric dancefloor, and in our hearts.”

Roberts had raised over £160,000 for his cancer treatment. Writing on his Crowdfunder, Roberts confirmed he was diagnosed was Stage 4 Metastatic cancer and “my life expectancy was not good at all. Initial thoughts were that I probably had 18 months and any treatment would be designed to make life comfortable rather than to cure.”

“I went through more than 20 rounds of pretty punchy chemotherapy, 25 sessions of pelvic radiotherapy, had half of my liver cut out, three other operations on my liver, some lymph nodes chopped out, my rectum cut out (I shit you not) and a colostomy created. Oh, and I got a hernia too! Amazingly, all the visible cancer was removed from my body,” said Roberts before confirming it had returned. “The name of the game is to stay alive as long as possible,” he added.

He finished the post by saying “I wouldn’t be in this sorry state if I had paid more attention to what my body was telling me. I put it off for ages, made excuses why I was too busy to get to the doctor and told myself it would get better. Ultimately that’s my fault. Please don’t be stupid like I was. It’s scary to face it but what I have been through is much worse. Catch cancer early and you will give yourself much better odds of beating it.”

Tributes have since poured in for Roberts following his passing. Radio DJ Lauren Laverne tweeted: “Rest well, Shaun Roberts. My heart is with your friends and family today xxx.”

Hudson Mohawke added: “RIP Shaun Roberts. So sad. Lot of people myself included owe him a great deal. Responsible for a lot of pivotal moments in peoples careers [and] took a lot of risks in the stuff he booked at Fabric. And more importantly just a brilliant guy.”

Sacha Lord, the Night Time Economy adviser for Greater Manchester, also paid tribute, saying that Roberts “was known and loved by everyone in the industry”.

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