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BLINKs, the newest episode of BLACKPINK‘s “Born Pink Memories” has finally arrived. The Friday (Dec. 16) episode sees members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé preparing to make their debut at the VMAs — which took place at New Jersey’s Prudential Center in August — and sharing their excitement leading up to the show.

“We are now at the Incheon International Airport. Lisa went to check her bag for a second. Our cute plane … see its head over there? We’re headed to New York! For the VMAs!” Rosé says as she kicks off the video, appearing to be near the plane’s boarding gate.

The video then cuts to Jennie and Jisoo seated next to each other on the plane, taking turns explaining the purpose of the trip. “BLINKs, we are on a flight to the VMAs,” Jennie starts, with Jisoo adding, “It’s been a while since we’ve been to New York, so I’m very excited.”

Jennie reveals BLACKPINK’s appearance at the awards show was a big deal because “this is our first time presenting ‘Pink Venom’ on a big stage besides last week’s music show, so we’re very much looking forward to it.”

Jisoo also expresses her happiness at attending the VMAs. “It’s exciting to perform in front of a large audience after such a long time,” she shares in the cli. “We’ll make sure to have a good time on stage. I hope I won’t be crying while watching this video in the future!”

After a brief stop in NYC, the girls then head to Prudential Center to rehearse their performance for “Pink Venom.” Lisa had fun backstage showing off her VMAs talent badge before rehearsal kicked off; Jennie experienced trouble with her microphone staying in place, but was able to pull it together when it was time to hit the stage.

The video then cut to footage of the K-pop quartet attending the VMAs red carpet. Reflecting on the rehearsal experience backstage, Jisoo says, “During yesterday’s rehearsals, I got excited because it felt like we were doing a concert.”

Other highlights from the video include BLACKPINK meeting up with fans and fellow musicians Anitta and Khalid, the group’s performance of “Pink Venom” and Lisa’s win for best K-pop.

Watch the third installment of BLACKPINK Memories in the video above.

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