Midnight Suns’ Deadpool Gameplay Trailer Showcases Stabbing & Swearing

Midnight Suns‘ Deadpool trailer was mostly about his antics and didn’t reveal how the mouthy hero would play during tactical battles. Firaxis Games has now released a gameplay showcase specifically focused on Deadpool, letting users get an idea of what he contributes to fights other than wisecracks and innuendos.

Deadpool, like some other characters in the game, has a specific resource that makes him unique called “En Fuego.” This En Fuego meter fills when Deadpool kills an enemy and drains a little if he takes damage. Once filled, it adds a stack of En Fuego, which makes most of his cards more powerful. Players are incentivized to use heroes that draw attacks away from Deadpool or otherwise protect him so he can take full advantage of En Fuego.

Deadpool’s passive also heals him a bit every turn, which can be upgraded to yield more health based on his En Fuego meter. While many of his cards seem to deal damage based on his En Fuego meter, his “Hey, #^*face!” card doles out resistance that’s contingent upon En Fuego, yielding a defensive ability that will protect him and allow him to stay on fire for longer. Deadpool also isn’t reliant on Heroism like many other damage-dealing heroes, which gives him even more of an identity.

Deadpool is also just one of the four DLC characters that are included in the game’s season pass, which kicks off with Deadpool’s release on January 26. Venom, Morbius, and Storm are the other three heroes that will release in that same order throughout 2023. Firaxis still hasn’t detailed exactly when they’ll start dropping, though.

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