Back 4 Blood Support Ending as Turtle Rock Makes New Game

Turtle Rock Studios launched Back 4 Blood in October 2021 to decent reviews and announced a long tail of support. But now that support has come to an end. The team announced that it is moving on from the co-op zombie shooter, and it is not getting more new content down the line.

Turtle Rock explained more in a blog post. While this “phase of [the] war against the Ridden” is ending, another journey is beginning since it is developing another mysterious title. And because Turtle Rock is “pretty small for a studio making AAA games,” it can’t quite spread itself over two projects. According to its LinkedIn page, there are around 148 people at Turtle Rock. The developer said it will also be silent for some time, but promised to come back “bigger, bolder, and better than ever.”

Back 4 Blood is not going offline, though; it’s just not getting new content. Servers are going to stay up, and the game is still currently on Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.

Back 4 Blood received many updates that contained new modes, quality-of-life changes, cosmetics and more, as well as three premium expansions: Tunnels of Terror, Children of the Worm, and River of Blood. River of Blood was the most recent and released in December 2022.

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