‘Wolf Pack’ Trailer Pits Werewolves Against Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kane Hodder gave us one of the best Jason Voorhees interpretations ever. From there, he came back to do another major slasher role with Adam Green’s Hatchet as Victor Crowley. Now, Hodder is back to play another masked slasher as Goatface in Don’t Kill Her Goats.

Don’t Kill Her Goats looks like it is a wild ride and best of all it stars Hodder wearing a goat head. Oh, did we mention that he also carries a double edged chainsaw? Yea, it looks pretty damn cool too.

The synopsis for Don’t Kill Her Goats goes like this:

When Audra receives her dream home as a graduation gift, some uninvited guests quickly reveal displeasure towards the home’s new owner.


Don’t Kill Her Goats stars Arielle Raycene, Dani Mathers, Monica Sims, and Kane Hodder.

Kill Her Goats arrives on demand, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K.

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