‘The Den’ Director On His Chilling New Cosmic Horror Series

The Unknowable

In 2013, director Zachary Donohue changed the found footage game with his innovative screen life film The Den. Released two years before Unfriended, which is often credited as launching the screen life subgenre, The Den follows a Ph.D. student who falls into a horrifying conspiracy while conducting research for her dissertation. Now, Donohoue is back in the realm of found footage, but this time tackling cosmic horror, true crime, and a clown with no paint on his face in his series The Unknowable.

The series, edited and shot entirely by Donohue and produced by Kyle Cooper, follows the Wilcox family who finds themselves at the intersection of cosmic horrors and interdimensional monsters.

Read the full synopsis below:

In 1949, World War II veteran Thadeus Wilcox left in the middle of the night from his idyllic San Francisco home with his wife Fanny and her sister Mabel to a remote property in the Mojave Desert known as Silent Creek. Compelled by visions of a strange alien species, The Wilcox family spent the year attempting to make contact. But in that time, they would draw the unwanted attention of other more malevolent and unspeakable forces, becoming the subjects of the most disturbing story the world we live in would never know… until now.

Dread Central sat down with Donohue to talk his new cosmic horror series, archival footage, the clown with no paint on his face, and more.

All episodes of The Unknowable are available now on YouTube.

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