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With only a few weeks left until M3GAN opens in theaters, Hollywood, and producer Jason Blum got all dolled up at last night’s premiere.

The film is the forthcoming horror movie from director Gerard Johnstone. It tells the story of the titular AI child companion that appears to go above and beyond its duties as a caregiver to slaughter people who get her mad.

At last night’s Hollywood premiere, red-carpet guests got a special performance by eight actors who dressed like M3GAN and mimicked her now-viral hallway twirl. Set to Taylor Swift’s “It’s Nice to Have a Friend,” this same troupe also performed inside the theater and at the after-party.

Not to be outdone by the M3GAN crew, Jason Blum, producer of the horror film, donned a wig, some dark glasses, and a pussy bow to help promote the movie.

“I love getting in drag anyway, no matter what the occasion is, but to have an occasion to wear my M3GAN costume again was a dream come true,” Blum told The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet. “I begged my [communications] team to allow me to do this again, and they finally said yes.”

Yes, you heard that right: again. The producer has worn the costume once before and says he enjoys it. So much so that he may even do it again for Halloween 2023.

The movie’s special effects are what is going to sell it and M3GAN is indeed a technical marvel. The team built a special prototype in some scenes while relying on other techniques for others.

“The challenge of the movie was M3GAN, obviously,” he said. “We’ve made mistakes before with special effects and so we did not start pre-production until we had M3GAN down perfectly. We worked on M3GAN for a year to figure out how much practical effects, how much VFX and how much CGI we wanted to use to create it. Sometimes we wanted the audience to forget that she was a robot and other times we wanted them to remember that she was a robot.”

M3GAN will open in theaters on January 6.

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