Legions is a Fresh Addition to the Possession Horror Subgenre [Review]

Fans of horror that blends multiple genres may want to set their sites on Legions, the latest film from writer/director Fabian Forte.

Legions’ storyline is rooted in the horror of demons and possession, but the story also contains a hefty helping of humor and heart. The film begins with a flashback to the past, when Antonio (German de Silva) was a powerful and respected shaman. As we enter the story, we soon learn that Antonio is currently locked away in an asylum. He shares his stories with fellow patients, who are part of a play he’s directing based on his life.

Antonio lost his wife to a demon, and is estranged from his daughter, who struggled with his lifestyle and practices growing up. When it becomes apparent that there’s been a demonic resurrection in his country, Antonio must find a way to escape and fight them off.

It’s clear that the filmmakers were inspired by previous classics such as The Evil Dead. The asylum setting also gave off vibes reminiscent of The Exorcist III and some other favorites in this genre. I like that it drew from previous films but managed to feel unique at the same time.

Legions does have some slow spots but the ongoing backstory, shared by Antonio, keeps the viewer hanging on and desiring more. The narration plus several flashbacks to the past combine well with the modern situation and make for a much more meaningful film than I expected.

The visuals are appealing. There’s a nice balance between dark and light, both in a literal sense and in reference to the storyline. While I was left wanting for a bit more of humor and campy gore, there were still a couple of scenes in particular that will linger in my mind.

The heart in the story is clear from Antonio’s backstory and his continued desire to reunite with his daughter while protecting his country from the demonic presence. These scenes lend to the viewer’s connection with the protagonist.

Legions is a worthy addition to the genre of possession horror. If you’re into films that explore the demonic entities with some humor and heart to balance the scares, I’d recommend giving this one a shot.

Legions is available now on VOD.

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