‘Calvaire’ Director On The New French Extremity


Fabrice du Welz made quite a bloody name for himself with the release of his 2004 film Calvaire, or The Ordeal. Released alongside disgusting titles such as High Tension and Irreversible, it became known as part of the New French Extremity movement. So you know it’s going to be an unrelenting and harrowing experience. Now, Yellow Veil Pictures is remastering the contemporary classic and releasing it back into theaters and onto digital!

Calvaire follows a traveling entertainer who falls victim to a dangerously unhinged innkeeper determined to keep him captive.

In honor of the re-release of Calvaire, Dread Central spoke with director du Welz about his controversial feature film debut, its dark comedy, and more.

Calvaire is in theaters now and comes to digital on March 3, 2023.

image 40 960x1309 - 'Calvaire' Director Fabrice du Welz Talks The New French Extremity

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