The 7 Most Expensive-Looking High-Street Items in 2022

There’s nothing like finding a really expensive-looking piece of clothing and discovering it’s actually affordable, is there? As editors, we do a lot of scrolling for research for our Who What Wear articles, and we’re used to seeing beautiful outfits from influencers and fashion people. But so often, they’re made up of high-end designer pieces that most of us would probably have to spend a long time saving up for. We’re all for investing in quality over quantity, but when we do come across a chic, timeless outfit that turns out to be from the high street, you can imagine our excitement.  

In fact, we Who What Wear editors actually have a dedicated Slack channel to discuss the best high street pieces we see, either on influencers or on our own travels. And by now we’ve managed to work out some reccurring factors across these affordable but expensive-looking buys. The key, it seems, is to keep it classic, understated and poli shed. So as we head into the depths of winter—often a hard season to dress for—what better time to use our experience to round up the seven best classic high street items you can wear right now to elevate your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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