Priyanka Chopra Exclusively Shares Her Beauty Secrets

20. Your worst hairstyle (or hair moment) ever… I [had my hair] cut in a “lop” once, and looking back it was a questionable look.

21. You have to wear your hair crimped or blue eyeshadow for the rest of your life: Which do you choose? Crimped hair.

22. Makeup primer: Love it or hate it? I’m a big believer in priming the skin, especially for the red carpet. It keeps everything in place and even.

23. Confession time–how often do you clean your makeup brushes? Probably not often enough.

24. What beauty rule do you always break? Are there beauty rules? I think beauty is a tool that allows you to express yourself and your creativity. We are all different, and what is right for me may not be right for someone else. So I don’t really believe in breaking beauty rules, because there aren’t any.

25. Would you rather have ultra-skinny brows or bleached brows? Bleached brows.

26. Which celebrity’s hair would you love to steal? No one, honestly, I think my hair is pretty great.

27. Which era of beauty inspires you most? I think the ’60s—the early part of this decade was all about elegant eyes, delicate shades, and the mid part of the decade was dramatic with more bold mod eyes. I feel like this really embodies me. I’m moody with my makeup, and love to play and experiment with different technique. So this feels like my era.

28. Eyelash curlers: Love them or hate them? Love.

29. Best beauty hack? Bowl of ice water if you don’t have any face tools! It shrinks the pores and chisels the face.

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