Pisces Weekly Horoscope


If you can resist anything but temptation, you may NOT want to test Oscar Wilde’s theory this week. Unless, of course, you’re handily prepared to indulge. (It IS birthday season FWIW.) Our recommendation? Get clear on exactly how much is in the “discretionary funds” kitty and what you can splurge on entertainment. Thursday, March 2 marks the annual meetup of aesthetic Venus and hedonistic Jupiter. This year, they’re landing in your second house of money and possessions—and decadence and luxury. Good luck finding ANY willpower in the face of beautiful “objets,” gleaming household goods, delicious food and vintage bubbles.

If you’ve been saving and have finally hit your magic number, splurge on an investment piece. Think timeless classics over trendy flash-in-the-pans that you’ll cringe over in another year or two. This cosmic confab also shines a light on ways to increase your earnings, whether by taking a onetime dreary but profitable freelance gig or launching an ongoing side hustle. Think creatively. Maybe it’s time to pony up for that pricey but exclusive membership to a social club that might lead to some valuable professional connections.

Good luck keeping any brilliant (or even half-cooked) ideas to yourself starting this Thursday. Not only will you have the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your corner, but messenger Mercury swings into Pisces until March 19. For the coming three weeks, you’ll know exactly what to say—and when and how to say it to make the greatest impact. Expressing yourself isn’t so unusual for you, but here’s the big question: Are you being reactive or proactive? A quicksilver Mercury visit to your sign can lead to some lively debates—er, discussions—but a far more productive use of this cosmic energy would be to take one of your most innovative ideas, develop it and get it off the ground. Get started now so you’ll have something to show potential partners or investors by the equinox!


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Is it time to update your personal style or branding? Mercury can act as a savvy image consultant, inspiring you to cultivate a look that’s more in alignment with 2023 you. Visuals and aesthetics are your water-sign wheelhouse so an invitation by the cosmos to make salon appointments and go shopping will be music to your ears. Build around practical pieces but make sure you have enough statement elements that help you stand out from the crowd. (Do this, rather than wardrobing the opposite way, starting with something wild then remembering things like jeans, blazers and so on…) With 2023 being a major career year for your sign, you might level up with polished pieces that can take you from boardroom to that after work cocktail shindig.

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