Emily Ratajkowski Wore the Zara Boots I Just Ordered

I have something of a photographic memory when it comes to celebrity sightings, and upon scrolling Zara’s new-in section, when I happened to stumble across the most perfect pair of boots, I had a feeling I had seen them before. Casting my mind back through my mental archives, I landed on an outfit that Emily Ratajkowski wore around this time last year which featured the very same Zara boots. Hers are the 2021 iteration, which feature a slightly glossier finish. Aside from that, her Zara boots are identical to the pair that have just landed on-site. A year later, they look just as current as the first time she stepped out in them, which only attests to their versatility. 

Of course, if EmRata’s worn them, that means the reissued pair are likely to sell out just as fast as the OG pair did. I like to be mindful about every purchase I make, and seldom do I feel swayed to buy something that a celebrity has worn on that basis alone, but perhaps this is the sign I need to finally invest in a pair of Western boots, which, in case you didn’t know, just so happen to be one of the biggest trends of the year. 

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