8 Easy Jean Outfits For When You Don’t Know What to Wear

Spring is on the horizon and it feels like we’re all finally coming out of hibernation. Now is the time to retire the sweats and pilling knitwear to storage (or the charity shop bag) and revitalise our weekly outfit rosters.

Let’s not make life too difficult for ourselves—instead of overhauling all your sartorial habits, start by tweaking your existing go-to looks. As a team, we Who What Wear writers are guilty of living in jeans. And we know we’re not the only ones. Scanning Instagram this week, I’ve noticed that pretty much every influencer I follow is just as reliant on denim as I am. It makes sense: no other trouser is quite as versatile, seasonless and suited to everyday wear. 

So, let’s start there. Instead of reaching for your tired T-shirts and worn-out ankle boots after buttoning up your favourite jeans, try out some of the fresh combinations below.

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