11 COS Puffer Coats That are Perfect for Cold Weather

In December I spent my time perfecting a low-maintenance, highly-comfortable winter outfit, and settled on a wool coat, a fluffy knit, jeans, and ankle boots, and I’ve been wearing this (plus couple of variations on the formula) for the last 6 weeks. So, you can imagine my surprise as I stepped out of the house in my regular uniform this week only to have to retreat back indoors thanks to the cold. Did we have any warning that a cold snap was about to set in? That there would be winds so cold that my hands and face would be immediately numb? Perhaps I missed it. But the last couple of weeks have been a strong reminder that winter isn’t done with us yet, and unfortunately for me, my usual tailored coat just isn’t cutting it.  

On the cold, wet mornings when the thought of leaving your duvet is particularly difficult, there is a cosy and chic option to help you battle the inclement weather. Thanks to high-street hero COS, I’ve come across a coat that manages to tick several boxes all at once. Insulating? Check. Stylishly understated? Check. Affordable price tag? Triple check. Yes, the COS puffer coat deserves certified icon status, and if you’re only finding out about them now, allow me to introduce you to the coat that’s about to change your winter for the better.

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