Watch a Cute Moment of Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun Sharing an Umbrella on 'King in Love' Set

Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun’s chemistry is clearly felt on the set of “The King in Love”. The two stars, who play lead characters in the upcoming historical drama, have been caught in a behind-the-scenes video sharing an umbrella on the set of the series.

Jong Hyun was holding the umbrella and appeared to look at Yoona attentively while his co-star was fixing her hair. “They look so cute sharing an umbrella together,” one fan commented while sharing a GIF of the cute moment.

Meanwhile, MBC has been teasing fans with new stills from “The King in Love”. One photo shows Yoona, Hong Jong Hyun and Im Siwan smiling cheerfully with a backdrop of beautiful flowers. Another shows Siwan putting his hand close to the ‘s member’s face, while Jong Hyun who stands behind him looks on with a smile on his face.

The production staff gushed about the three’s friendship, “Just as their characters do in the drama, Im Siwan, YoonA, and Hong Jong Hyun also shared a special friendship on set. The three of them were all extremely personable, so since the very beginning of the shoot, they became very close. All three of them are quite funny and outgoing, so the laughter never stopped whenever there was a break.” They added, “Their close chemistry seeped into the love triangle between the three characters as well.”

“The King in Love” will air Mondays and Tuesdays starting July 17 on MBC. The story centers on the love triangle between Wang Won (Siwan) and Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun), who both fall in love with Eun San (Yoona), their childhood friend.


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