See David Crosby's Funky New Song 'She's Got to Be Somewhere' on 'Fallon'

David Crosby performed his gentle new single “She’s Got to Be Somewhere” to The Tonight Show on Wednesday. The song relies on the slick tropes of late Seventies yacht rock: shiny electric keyboards, scratchy rhythm guitar and a cool backbeat. 

Crosby’s bassist dictated the direction while a three-piece horn section added frilly textures that landed in the territory somewhere between vintage Earth, Wind & Fire and D’Angelo’s neo-soul. Crosby sang much of the first verse with his left hand resting casually in his pocket, the picture image of refined swagger.

“She’s Got to Be Somewhere” is the first taste of an upcoming album, Sky Trails, due out some time in 2017. Sky Trails marks Crosby’s fourth LP in as many years. “I always write in bursts,” the singer/songwriter explained to Rolling Stone in 2016. “The last couple of years have been the densest, longest writing surge I think I’ve ever had.”

“Most people at my age are either lazy or they’re just pulling the handle trying to get another hit,” he added. “They feel that maybe they’ve said everything they want to say. They also just don’t work at it. I’m not smarter or better than they are. It’s just that the songs are coming to me.”

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