Man spots himself in background of fiancée’s childhood pic

They say we all cross paths with the person we ultimately settle down with before meeting them, but one couple have been able to pinpoint the exact moment that happened — with pictorial evidence.

Upon looking back at an old childhood family photo of his fiancée, a man spotted himself in the background.

Verona Koliqi, who lives in London but is originally from Kosovo, was visiting a beach in Montenegro with her family a decade ago when the photo was taken.

When she and her fiancé Mirand Buzaku examined the photo of the children on the beach, they noticed a young boy floating on a lilo in the sea behind the Koliqi and her family. 

“He noticed the kid in the back had the same shirt, shorts and floaty as him,” Koliqi said. “We analyzed further and confirmed with family members that it’s him photobombing my family photo.” 

The couple didn’t believe it could be possible at first – after all, what are the chances that they were both on holiday at the same place, at the exact same beach, at the same time? – but Buzaku’s family members confirmed that they’d been there when the photo was taken.

They never actually met as children and it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that the couple’s paths crossed again in Kosovo – a year later they were engaged.

After sharing her story on Instagram, Koliqi’s post has received over 30,000 likes and many gushing comments.

Many people decided to share their own stories of coincidence and love. 

“My boyfriend and I discovered that we were unknowingly were at the same small concert (which maybe 50 people attended) about four years before we met,” one person wrote. “It’s wonderful and no coincidence. You’re meant to be!”

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