Jean-Claude Van Damme & UFC's Bruce Buffer Get Jacked at Gold's Gym

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Geriatric & Jacked

… with UFC’s Bruce Buffer

10/11/2017 8:08 AM PDT

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Here’s Jean-Claude Van Damme and UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer proving 60 is really the new 30 — lookin’ absolutely JACKED at a workout sesh.

The pic comes to us courtesy of Buffer … who says he was droppin’ sweat with his old buddy JCVD at a Gold’s Gym.

Pretty crazy — Buff actually looks BIGGER than Jean-Claude … though the movie star gets props for his ripped-up arm. Bottom line — both are in insanely good shape.

Probably helps that JCVD’s still kickin’ ass in “Kickboxer” reboots … almost 3 decades after the original!