J. Crew apologizes for styling of black model

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J. Crew (and its brand, Madewell) are being accused of sloppily styling a black model’s hair. As you can see from the pic above, the model herself is gorgeous, and that’s not up for debate, but what is up for debate is whether J. Crew didn’t hire someone who knew how to style her hair.

Lots of people online seem to think the brand majorly messed up:

But some people defended J. Crew – writing that her hair looked cute and that the brand is known for the “bedhead” look.

On Friday, J. Crew responded on Twitter. 

“J.Crew strives to represent every race, gender, and background,” the brand wrote. “We sincerely apologize for the styling of this model and the offense that was caused. We assure you that we are taking steps to address it, and to prevent this from happening again.”

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