'Evil' Youngest Members in K-Pop Groups

The youngest members in K-pop groups have an unspoken role to be the ones who steal fans’ hearts with their innocence and cuteness. They also have to obey the older members and accept it when they are being “bullied.” However, some of them are way too rebellious for the others to handle and become the ones who make fun of others. Here are the most “evil” youngest members in K-pop groups who never hesitate to troll their groupmates.

Big Bang’s Seungri

Seungri of Big Bang used to struggle with his position as the youngest member of the group as he felt that the others were more talented than him. However, he managed to enjoy being the youngest and now he never hesitates to expose his groupmates on variety shows.

During an appearance on “Happy Together 3”, the “Strong Baby” hitmaker revealed his groupmates’ embarrassing drinking habits. “Ji Yong [‘s birth name] is still a ‘born celebrity’ although he’s drunk,” Seungri shared, before imitating G-Dragon saying, “Ah, I think I’m drunk,” with a nasally voice. The “Untitled, 2014” hitmaker could only smile in embarrassment as the hosts were laughing at Seungri’s imitation.